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Ohad Hess, a former student who actively supports new students, is interviewed by Channel 20 alongside David Harris, the director of the institute.
Listen to his important message!!!

Mordechai tells the reporter about the treatment process he went through as a stutterer until he achieved his goal and became an officer in an elite unit. He hopes to reach as many children and adults as possible, who suffer from stuttering, with a solution that really works!

When discussing the topic of what led him to take the course, Yiftach shares, "My mother saw and felt how much I was suffering. She searched the internet for stuttering treatments and came across the Dr. Fluency Institute under the management of David Harris. She recommended that I go there for treatment. After quite a lot of deliberation, I decided that I would go for it."

Victoria bravely reveals her personal story in the press. She dreams of helping children overcome stuttering, just like she did.

ראיון ברדיו של דיוויד ובוגר הקורס

David Harris, CEO of the Dr. Fluency Institute, and Yiftach, a graduate of the course, tell Yair Kraus about the institute, the course, the challenges, and Yiftach's personal life experiences. Additionally, hear from other people who stutter (PWS) who passed through the institute's walls.

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In a unique interview, David tells Oded Harosh how he founded the institute, the revolutionary treatment method, and what stigmas, judgments, and behaviors should be avoided when meeting PWS face-to-face.

What happens to people who stutter?
Oded Harosh met with Yossi Abrahami - a charismatic and sociable guy - who is now one of the leading instructors at the institute.
Yossi tells Oded about the unbearable difficulties he experienced as a child and teenager, as a result of his speech fluency disorder. He talks about the process he went through at the Dr. Fluency Institute, which helped him overcome this fluency disorder. To give thanks to the institute, he became an instructor and has helped hundreds of others successfully achieve fluent speech.

Yossi Abrahami and Ohad Hess were born with a speech disorder, just like a whole percentage of the world's population. As a result  they both experienced many difficulties in their childhood. Now, due to a special treatment program they participated in, they are able to help others.

כתבה בעלון 471 - ניצחו את הגימגום

Interview Red Sea Voice 102fm for the month of stuttering

David Harris, director of the Dr. Fluency Institute, and Or, one of the graduates of the course, in an interview with the southernmost radio station in the country.

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