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The Importance of Fluency

Speech is a natural function. We have never paid attention to this gift of using language and expression, but people who suffer from stuttering, find themselves excluded from society. Not only do they constantly worry about exhibiting difficulty when speaking, but they also suffer from psychological symptoms like anxiety. The main reason a PWS has such negative feelings towards his/her speech is because of the feeling of failure and the inability to say something that he/she wants to say. Something so simple to say (ex: your name) requires no thought to a person who does not stutter. However, for a PWS, it’s like climbing Everest to say a complete sentence in a row without stuttering, blushing, repeating a word or sounds, rubbing your throat, swelling from stress, etc. It is an indescribable suffering that causes and leads to unjustified mental damage. People who suffer from stuttering will do anything to overcome the embarrassing phenomenon. This phenomenon causes them to exclude themselves from job interviews and remove themselves from social interactions, especially with the opposite sex. Stutterers have feelings of inferiority and worthlessness, which is extremely heartbreaking.

To Speak and Express- The Most Natural Thing in the World!

The most famous person in the world who suffered from a stutter is George VI who abdicated the throne (by marrying Wallis Simpson). He was treated by a communication therapist named Lionel Logue for years, and the movie The King's Speech expresses the success of the treatment. The movie is based on a real event, when on the brink of World War II, England needed a real leader so George VI made a speech on the radio (he did not stutter in the speech) and succeeded in causing the union of hearts. Imagine a king who stutters. Even the highest title cannot prevent a king who stutters from feeling anxious. Without the support of his therapists, his family, and Churchill, George VI would not have dared to speak, and certainly not on the radio. This indicates the helplessness and support that people who stutter need to gain confidence and speak fluently. Dysfluent speech causes a person to avoid expressing himself, bury his ideas, avoid connections, and/or share an opinion to the point of "defamation" of real identity.

The focal point in Dr. Fluency's method is to start over. It turns to the tormented soul of the person who stutters and tells him/her to forget everything he/she once knew because there is a new opportunity and he/she must start over.

It is impossible to eradicate all the difficult feelings and anxieties that accompany a person who stutters. Therefore, what the method tries to do is not to uproot you, but to "bypass" them by saying that the person does not speak as he has spoken so far, they correct him. Rather, a PWS begins to learn to speak, breathe, and pronounce words in a method he is not familiar with, which slowly opens him up to a new opportunity just for speaking. This new way of breathing and speaking also prevents him from encountering the feelings that have prevented him until now from learning to overcome his stuttering. Dr. Fluency's method produces speech fluency and reshapes speech for people who suffer from stuttering. Its success rates testify to the wisdom of the method and its ability to make patients forget about past speech failures.

Dr. Fluency's Method Understands the Mind of the Stutterer!

How Do You Overcome Stuttering?

To overcome stuttering, one must go through a rehabilitation process of learning how to control the speech system- in essence, starting anew- and not let dysfluency dictate how speech is produced, what is said, and overall quality of life.

You can hear more about the subject in the fascinating lecture we give as part of our compatibility test.

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