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Dr. Fluency's method - forget about the past and start over!  

No one knows what the origin of stuttering or any other speech disorder is. In the past, the speech disorders were attributed to mental states, but today it is understood that the mental states are created as a result of the stuttering and not the other way around.
The stuttering treatment method of the Dr. Fluency Institute takes a "start over" approach. For example, a person who has had a stroke that left him unable to walk, goes through a journey in which he starts all over again learning to walk, because he does not remember how to walk. This is also how a person who has a speech disorder can learn to speak again. At the institute  Dr. Fluency, you learn to speak again so as not to repeat the past mistakes you had in speaking, this is a new beginning, a new hope and the results speak - literally - for themselves and fluently...

Suffering from stuttering? Afraid of a job interview?

A job interview is by all accounts an act that requires effort: to impress, to demonstrate ability (besides a resume), to create positive communication and to win the job in the end.
A job interview is of course conducted as a dialogue between the job seeker and the employer and it is predetermined. So that the person who comes to the job interview can prepare for it, think about what he would like to say, what he should avoid, what things if he says will be to his credit, and what he should save words for. All this planning should eventually get him the coveted job or at least get a second interview.
But what will a person who suffers from a speech disorder (stuttering, speaking fast, swallowing words, omitting words, etc.) do? How can such a person pass a job interview when the main thing on which the entire interview rests, i.e. the media, will probably be an obstacle?

Learn to speak fluently and naturally with the help of Dr. Fluency

There is no doubt that the quality of communication in a job interview is essential and decisive for understanding the candidate, his attitude, his opinions and his suitability for any position. Therefore, many people who suffer from a speech disorder simply avoid going to job interviews,Because they know in advance that they will fail. Many people who suffer from a stuttering problem turn to professions that do not require communication and verbal ability, but rather technical, physical ability, etc. even if these jobs do not necessarily interest them. Our society may be losing brilliant minds to a speech impediment that prevents them from being in a place that matches their skills.

Not just stuttering - convulsions, blushing, body and facial movements!

People who suffer from a speech disorder get stuck in the middle of a sentence, change words, repeat words, omit words, skip prepositions and conjunctions and find "rescue" ways to finish a sentence. Their inner feeling is a feeling of helplessness and loss of control over speech. When the speech gets stuck or goes wrong, they find themselves in a sensitive, inferior and unhappy situation, they don't know how to get out of it, they get confused and get even more entangled with letters and sentences. To finish a sentence, they can develop convulsions, overexertion of the body or face, blushing, and more. An unpleasant feeling, which can cause great embarrassment.
Such people do not dare to go to job interviews, which even for people without a speech disorder can be stressful situations to the point of failure. That is why there is a need for a process of improving speech skills so that the person suffering from stuttering can express himself and present himself as he would like, even in a job interview.

Apart from this, our recommendation is to inform the interviewer in advance that there is a problem with the flow of speech and if there are occasional interruptions, it is not because the interviewee does not know what to say, or has a mental/psychological problem, but because just like there are people with vision or hearing problems, that interviewee has a problem in speech Just opening the topic and coordinating expectations in advance will reduce the level of stress and anxiety created by the negative thoughts of "will they notice?", "what will he think of me?" and so'.

So how do you overcome stuttering?


rehabilitation process for the speech system which will teach us again how to control the system and how not to let stuttering dictate the way we produce speech, what I say and our life in general. You can hear more about the subject in the fascinating lecture we give as part of the compatibility test.


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