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Stuttering treatment through the health insurance fund

Many of the graduates of our treatment came to us after many treatment attempts. The vast majority of them started the long road of trying to get treatment at the health insurance fund since it is the initial answer to any medical and developmental problem.

The health funds have a pool of communication clinicians who treat a wide variety of language, communication and hearing impairments, but unfortunately the vast majority of them do not specialize in the treatment of stuttering and speech fluency disorders.

The HMO has a financial interest in allowing you to be treated by the HMO's clinician instead of sharing with you the costs of private treatment as it is required by the state health law, therefore always when you approach the HMO to treat stuttering you are immediately referred to the HMO's clinician (which may lead to a wait of many months ) and sometimes the clinician who does not specialize in the treatment of stuttering can try and treat all kinds of tools that she has heard of in the past, even though they were disproved years ago. In some cases there is a temporary improvement during the treatment (could also be due to the placebo effect or due to a temporary improvement in the mental state) but in all cases later In a very short time the fluency of speech deteriorates back.

In many cases the patients report that during the treatment at the clinic they feel relief in speaking but once they leave they fail to put it into action since they do not get practical tools to speak fluently even in everyday life.

What is important to know and the officials at the HMO are often not informed (because they usually don't know themselves) is that according to the state health law, the HMO is obliged to participate in a course or series of treatments for stuttering even in private institutes that are not in agreement with the HMO, and none of this depends on the age of the patient or the level of insurance His.

There is no need for Form 17 and a commitment and a referral from a family doctor/pediatrician is sufficient for this purpose.

The process varies between the ticket offices and the ages, and you can get a detailed and accurate explanation of this in the compatibility check with us.

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