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Dr. Fluency USA  - Institute

Is the leader in the stuttering treatment revolution in the world by developing an innovative technological system that enables the person suffering from stuttering 
and/or a speech fluency problem to learn to produce fluent speech as you saw with the graduates of the institute (even in front of an audience of 150-300 people!)
The Dr. Fluency Institute is also the only institute that specializes and focuses entirely on the treatment of stuttering and speech fluency problems that has thousands of clients with proven results and takes full responsibility for these results. The Dr. Fluency course developed at the institute in Israel is the most comprehensive and effective in the world, and brings revolutionary results by combining the Precision Fluency Shaping method with advanced computer technology developed in collaboration with the Hadassah Ein-Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem and the leading institutes for communication disorders in the world
Our professional clinical team makes sure that our comprehensive approach translates to day to day life while above all reinforcing the proven path of preserving the results over time.
Dr. Fluency - the only course for the treatment of stuttering with the thousands of proven results gives the perfect, effective and fundamental answers to all  the various aspects of the problems associated with the  treatment of stuttering, because today it is possible and beneficial  to achieve fluency of speech while gaining confidence without sacrificing either

The secret to our success

The professional staff

The skilled clinical team of the Dr. Fluency Institute has for many years been helping thousands of patients achieve speech fluency in all speech situations. The treatment includes providing a response to all aspects of the problem, with personal and tailored support for each patient. And this is in addition to a comprehensive practice environment (groups), which the institute maintains for the benefit of the patients, and the graduates of the course

dr fluency
the technology

Dr. Fluency is a computer system (Now on a tablet) that won the Israeli prestigious Prime Minister's Award that combines the latest technologies to enable accurate daily practice at the customer's home. The world's leading clinics were integrated in its development and it is recognized by ASHA (American Communication Clinicians Association).

dr fluency

The Precision Fluency Shaping method for treating stuttering and speech fluency problems has been scientifically proven for decades as the only method that allows a PWS  to achieve the best results in the shortest time while preserving the results over time the problem has always     been achieving lasting results enter Dr Fluency's magnificent technology

בהשתתפות קופות החולים

with the participation of the health funds

?What is stuttering

?Or rather - what is speech Disflueny

The problem of speech fluency (of which stuttering is one of its side effects) is a chronic functional problem that affects more than one percent (1%) of the world's population. The exact neurological causes of the phenomenon are not well understood, but the latest studies confirm that it is a motor-physical limitation that is fundamentally inherited (despite the later onset, usually between the ages of 3-9). This is apparently a neurological disorder, which causes the momentary loss of control over the voice production process, and   elates severe communication problems for those who suffer from it, often accompanied by side effects of prolonged sounds (Stammer)

and the repetition of syllables and words (stuttering), fast and abrupt speech (clutter), replacing words and the like. interpersonal communication is an essential and fundamental part of a person's life and experiences, harming this ability has the potential to cause .social and psychological difficulties, severe pressures and anxiety in the person who stutters.

שטף הדיבור

 What is Precision Fluency Shaping ?

The stuttering treatment method of the Dr. Fluency Institute is based on the well-known and renowned therapeutic approach of Professor Ronald Webster from Virginia, USA, and Dr. Robert Carroll from Toronto, Canada - who brought the method to Israel and has  accompanied the institute over these many years
Precision Fluency Shaping is the only stuttering treatment method scientifically proven in dozens of studies, which for decades has given every person suffering from a speech fluency problem the ability to produce completely natural fluency of speech in all the possible communication situations Although the method does not cause the reason for stuttering to disappear, it provides a complete and comprehensive solution to the problems of stuttering and speech fluency by comprehensively and intensively relearning the speech process and returning control over the speech system to the person who stutters, thus enabling normal and comfortable communication within one's environment without fear.

Dr. Kroll’s Lecture at the 2012 Conference

Dr. Kroll’s Lecture at the 2012 Conference

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dr fluency

?Who is Dr. Fluency

The process of shaping the speech flow requires hundreds and even thousands of hours of correct and precise practice in order to restore and rebuild the correct control of the speech system in the PWS.  Therefore, it is not possible to provide a good solution for the PWS with a weekly visit to a speech therapist, within the framework of the usual health insurance funds and speech institutes, and in many cases such treatments do not produce significant improvement.
On the other hand, there are intensive courses that use the Precision Fluency Shaping method, these last several weeks in special institutes equipped with the expensive equipment required to carry out the correct and accurate practice. For those who managed to  meet the difficult challenges of this course may have achieved in much better results. But the achieved fluency of speech is very difficult to maintain over time, and in the vast majority of patients the stuttering returned. With the help of the Dr. Fluency system and the course of the Dr. Fluency Institute, anyone can go through the treatment of Precision fluency shaping in the most efficient way, at home, with consistent and accurate practice of half an hour a day, accompanied by the Institute's professional staff. All this while the system provides real-time feedback on the execution of the exercise until it is done correctly - and thus achieves the amazing results you saw in those speaking at the graduation events  while maintaining these achievements over time!

Treatment of stuttering - let's start the process now

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