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Exclusive - treatment of stuttering, what do you need to know?

The disorder of speech fluency is the cause of stuttering, but apart from it there are other side effects to the disorder of speech fluency that cause difficulty in speaking which can be expressed in different mild and severe forms. In general, it is about a wide range of speech impairments and among them: a pause at the beginning or in the middle of speech, lengthening of words (involuntary of course), repetition of letters, abrupt and unclear speech, shortening of expressions, movements of the head, hands and feet. That's why you should consider stuttering treatment to make the daily routine easier.
The cause of the above difficulties is unknown. Today, thanks to research, we can say that the source of the problem is genetic, and it is a neurophysiological problem. In any case, the difficulty is great and people who suffer from speech disorders look for different ways to alleviate the stuttering, and adopt methods to overcome it and apply it in daily practice so that they can minimize the signs of stuttering and communicate with their environment, such a thought is correct when it comes to treating stuttering But before starting the treatment, a diagnosis must be made and check what exactly the problem is.

Stuttering - what are the mechanisms that create the language?

A distinction must be made between mild stuttering between the ages of one and a half to five, which is part of the language adoption process, and severe stuttering. Slipped stuttering which may create emotional problems and may worsen when the person's mental state is not good and thus a kind of vicious circle is created, that the more the person who stutters is afraid of failing to speak, the more he stutters and the more he is aware of his speech failures, they will only worsen. That is why it is better to start the process of treating stuttering sooner rather than later.

Everyone and their stutter!

As mentioned, people who suffer from stuttering (beyond the contribution of heredity to the matter) enter into a vicious cycle of anxiety, shame and loss of self-confidence when speaking. Every person who suffers from stuttering difficulty suffers more from certain speech situations. There are those who stutter more in phone calls, some who are able to sing without stuttering but stutter when speaking. That is, the particular situation of the speech activity changes the difficulty of speaking and there are situations that put the person in a higher state of anxiety and then the stuttering is more pronounced and more difficult. Today there are many methods for treating stuttering, some less effective and some more effective, but the method that has been scientifically proven to be the best is Dr. Fluency's method.

Dr. Fluency's method - the most effective!

The treatment is done in a professional manner by the best in the field and with the help of the technological tools necessary for this purpose, therefore it is done in the best way. Dr. Fluency's method, the speech fluency design method, is the method that has proven to be the most effective in treating people who suffer from stuttering.

Don't let stuttering disturb you during the day, start stammering treatment now to live exactly as you want.

So how do you overcome stuttering?


In order to overcome stuttering, we must go through a rehabilitation process for the speech system which will teach us again how to control the system and how not to let stuttering dictate the way we produce speech, what I say and our life in general.

You can hear more about the subject in the fascinating lecture we give as part of the compatibility test.

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