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Dr. Fluency USA  - Institute

Dr. Fluency is a revolutionary based stuttering treatment program that developed an innovative technological system which enables a person who stutters (PWS) or has a fluency disorder to learn to produce fluent speech as one can see in the videos below with the graduates of the institute (even in front of 150-300 people).
The Dr. Fluency Institute is the only institute that specializes and focuses entirely on the treatment of stuttering and fluency disorders, which has resulted in thousands of success stories! The Dr. Fluency course, developed at the institute in Israel, is the most comprehensive and effective in the world. It produces astonishing results by combining the Precision Fluency Shaping method with advanced computer technology developed in collaboration with the Hadassah Ein-Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem, and the leading institutes for communication disorders in the world.
Our professional clinical team not only makes sure that our comprehensive approach translates to daily life, but more importantly, reinforces the path of preserving the results over time.
Dr. Fluency, the only treatment program for stuttering that has been proven to be successful, offers the answer to all the problems associated with the treatment of stuttering. With Dr. Fluency’s help, sacrificing won’t be necessary- you will be able to gain self-confidence and achieve fluency of speech for life!

The Secret To Our Success

The Professional Staff

The skilled clinical team at the Dr. Fluency Institute has been helping thousands of patients achieve fluency in all speech situations for many years. The treatment includes providing a response to all aspects of the problem, with personal and tailored support for each patient. Additionally, Dr. Fluency offers a comprehensive practice environment (groups), which the institute maintains for the benefit of the patients and the graduates of the course.

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The Technology

Dr. Fluency is a computer system (now on a tablet) that won the Israeli Prestigious Prime Minister's Award. It combines the latest technologies to enable accurate daily practice at the client's home. The world's leading clinics were integrated in its development, and it is recognized by ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association).

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The Precision Fluency Shaping method for treating stuttering and fluency disorders has been scientifically proven for decades as the only method that allows a person who stutters (PWS) achieve the best results in the shortest time, while preserving the results over time. The problem has always been achieving lasting results... Enter Dr. Fluency's magnificent technology.

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?What is Stuttering

?Or rather - what is dysfluent speech

Dysfluency (in which stuttering is a side effect) is a chronic condition that affects about 1% of the world's population. The exact neurological causes of the phenomenon are not well understood, but the latest studies confirm that it is a motor-physical limitation that is fundamentally inherited (despite the later onset, usually between the ages of 3-9). It is a neurological disorder, where there is a momentary loss of control over the speech production process. This causes severe communication problems for those who suffer from it, often accompanied by side effects, including, prolonged sounds (stammering), repetition of syllables and words (stuttering), fast and abrupt speech (cluttering), and substituting words. Interpersonal communication is an essential and fundamental part of a person's life and experiences. Harming this ability has the potential to cause social and psychological difficulties, severe pressures, and anxiety in the person who has dysfluent speech.

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What is The Dr. Fluency treatment method?

Dr. Fluency’s treatment method for stuttering is based on the well-known and renowned therapeutic approach of  Dr. Robert Kroll from Toronto, Canada - who partnered with the Dr. Fluency R&D team in Israel andaccompanied the institute over many years.
Using breakthrough technology the Dr. Fluency team were successful in taking known Fluency Shaping methods, to a whole new level coming up with a brand new methodology that gives a comprehensive solution that was never available with traditional approaches.
All the short comings that plagued Treatment for dysfluency, such as very limited improvements, that did not transfer well to real life situations along with eventual relapse, have been addressed.
So now the Dr. Fluency treatment course has been providing PWS with life-long lasting normal fluent speech in all speaking situations, scientifically proven for well over a decade! 
So now finally, using the Dr. Fluency technology and team, instead of just "learning to live with it", every PWS suffering from a fluency disorder, has the ability to relearn the speech process, and regaining control over their speech production system. 

Enjoying normal comfortable communication with your environment. without any fear while achieve all your life goals is finally at your reach. So give us a call for a cost and commitment free consultation.